I have been working as a Financial Planner since 2002, and my association as a self-employed business owner and Authorised Representative of Infocus Money Management originated in July 2008.

With a background in the banking and finance industry, I have worked with some of the biggest and most established financial institutions in Australia, including Merrill Lynch, UBS, Macquarie Bank and NAB.

My commitment to quality financial advice goes beyond dollars and cents. My structured and disciplined approach to developing a personal financial plan will simplify your life, give you peace of mind and set a clear path to reach your full potential.

As an advocate of the financial planning industry, my personal objective is to see all those seeking financial advice have the ability to live their ideal lifestyle without financial concern.

We can help if:
• You don’t have the time to manage your finances
• You are frustrated with the lack of progress on your finances
• You would like to get your finances better organised
• You don’t feel as if you’re meeting your financial potential

Benefit of working with us:
• Relief knowing you have a plan in place
• Peace of mind that you are rapidly paying off your home loan, creating wealth and securing your retirement
• Saving time by not having to figure this out on your own
• Feel supported knowing we are protecting you and your family's lifestyle for the rest of your life
• Fulfillment knowing you can make a difference financially to your family and any charitable interests you support
• Success at being in control of your finances; and
• A 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with our advice

So how do I know what I know? How can I help you? ★ I have over 20 years experience in the finance industry ★ I have given advice to over a 1,000 families ★ I am a business owner so I understand what it means to run and manage a successful business ★ I have a dedicated team to support me ★ I am a lifelong learner, up to date with the latest industry trends, products and tools.

The one thing that pains me the most is to see so many families put off the decision to get advice until much later in life. Like there is ever a good time to tackle such an important issue, right?

I am determined to help professionals (and their families) make the most of their financial situation. I have spent two decades obsessing over what gets the best results when it comes to money matters, and by gosh, I think I’ve got it!

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