• Bill Savellis

Are You An Emotionally Intelligent Investor?

The graph below shows the best and worst 1-year returns of 5 different investment portfolios for the 15 years ending 28 Feb 2018.

What's interesting is the average returns for each portfolio despite the negative impact the GFC took on investment returns in 2008.

So, whilst investing is fascinating, and it’s often exciting and fun, it can also be volatile. But, one of the big factors that make investments risky is our own behavior as investors.

We are, after all, human, and when the market goes up - we get greedy, and when the market goes down- we get spooked.

In today’s hyper-connected world, it’s increasingly hard to tune out the noise. So, having a trusted investment partner by your side, who understands your values and goals, and can help you avoid costly ‘emotionally-charged’ decisions is a very smart move.

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