• Bill Savellis

The Road To Financial Independence

You may be undecided about various aspects of investing. You could potentially invest hours of your valuable time researching the infinite investment options available, but the fact is you could easily be looking in the wrong direction.

Sound investing is important, but not at the cost of ignoring essential cashflow management. Those who simply earn income and pay bills are not engaged in the process of cashflow management. They’re being passive ... they’re surviving.

Real cashflow management involves understanding the components that make up where the money comes from, where it goes, and what choices are appropriate when it comes to creating a better lifestyle.

It is an active and ongoing process.

Financial independence is all about cashflow. It is the point where your investment income meets or exceeds your cost of living.

So how do you get there? To achieve genuine financial independence, and the lifestyle benefits that go with it, you need to make sure you handle your cash so it grows. You need create positive cashflow by investing in cash creating assets. This way you can create additional sources of income, over and above the income you earn by working, to help you reach financial independence sooner.

There are only 3 types of money:

  • The money you earn – and this will stop the day you cease working

  • The money the Government may pay you – these payments are only to assist the most needy and dependent

  • The money your money earns you – this is where you need to focus!

Money can be such an emotive issue that it isn’t surprising many of us shy away from dealing with it.

We don’t create, much less stick to a budget; we don’t plan for the future; or set financial goals. And then there is the issue of understanding your superannuation, overseeing your investments and managing your tax.

It's no surprise we keep our heads in the sand!


At Infocus, we understand that not everyone understands what a financial adviser does but everyone understands they need the right information to make smarter decisions.

If you have reached that point in your life where you have come to the realisation that it's time to make better financial decisions, take advantage of our FREE One on One Financial Planning Strategy Session and schedule a convenient time to meet us, either online or face to face.


  • Track where your money is being spent

  • Create a 'realistic' budget you can actually live too 

  • Restructure your bank accounts to create  disciplined money habits

  • ​Generate regular reports to track your spending vs your budget


  • Know where every dollar is going. No more $$ disappearing without a trace.

  • Gain complete control over your money & prioritise your spending

  • Let technology act as your personal assistant and neatly illustrate your past spending habits

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